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Buy bus tickets from Boston to Hartford

Bus to Hartford from Boston, wireless internet services is included, buying the ticket online makes it cheaper and faster than purchasing it over the phone or at the location.

In order to purchase a ticket you must press the "Search" button in the form presented above.

Note: Bus ticket prices, departure/arrival times and leaving/drop-off locations can all be viewed after choosing your route and pressing the "Search" button. By pressing the "Search" button you are not prompted to actually buy the ticket.

Serving as the capital to the state of Connecticut, Hartford is located on the Connecticut River flowing through the Hartford County. With a population of more than a hundred thousand shown in the 2006 population survey, Hartford is ranked as the city with the second highest population in all of Connecticut. The city is a very important business and trade center, with many of the United State's leading insurance companies having their head quarters in this city, for which reason it is also referred to as the insurance capital of the world. Having not experienced any relative improvement in its infra structure and architecture, the city is suddenly experiencing a huge turn around with many new hotels and roads being built, help those who like to travel to this amazing city by bus.

It is one of America's oldest cities, having been founded more than four centuries ago and is also the richest city in all of America since taking over that status from New Orleans after the Civil War that took place in the nation. It is therefore no surprise that city boasts many historically priceless monuments and structures such as the oldest public museum art, the oldest public park in the form of the ancient but still impressive Bushnell Park and the oldest newspaper in all of the United States alongside the second oldest school in the nation.

Many attractions await those who travel here through bus trips and air lines in the shape of cathedrals, parks, monuments, museums and art galleries. Thus making sure that the city caters to everyone's wants and needs, from those who like to explore nature at its wildest to those who like to see man at its most inspiring in the form of art galleries, museums and architectures. The area is also filled with libraries that are very popular amongst the locals due to the wide variety of books that they offer.

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